Why are solar street lights more and more popular? Mar 16, 2021

Since the invention of solar street lights, solar street lights have been favored by more and more people. The number of solar street lights installed in urban and rural courtyards around the world is also increasing, and the demand is also growing.

According to statistics, solar street lamps account for a high proportion of street lamp purchases.

The reasons are as follows:

1. As the solar street light market matures, there are more and more suppliers of various accessories, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. The mutual market competition among solar street light manufacturers has led to lower and lower prices of solar street lights.

2. With the development of technology, the quality of solar street lights is stable and easy to operate, making solar street lights widely accepted. People's trust in solar street lights is getting higher and higher, and the advantages of solar street lights make people more willing to buy.

3. Strong adaptability, convenient installation and low installation cost. Compared with ordinary street lights, solar street lights have higher adaptability, can work independently of the power grid, and have low installation costs, especially in rural areas, desert areas, prairie and mountainous areas. In other places, solar street lights are the only option.

4. Low electricity cost. The electricity bill for ordinary street lights is generally between 1,000-4000 yuan per year. The main source of electricity bills for solar street lights is the replacement of solar lithium batteries, without electricity costs.

5. Solar street lights are green energy. Energy comes from stable solar energy, does not consume coal resources, is harmless to the environment, and is strongly supported by various national policies.

Based on the above advantages, solar street lights have become one of the current mainstream road lighting products.

At the same time, in recent years, the solar street lamp market has flourished and matured, with stable product quality. Then, the market share is getting bigger and bigger. However, the maturity of the market has also brought new problems. The market competition of solar street lights has become particularly fierce. Started a price war.

There are more and more manufacturers of solar street lights, which has caused an oversupply situation in the market. In order to develop and meet market demand, each manufacturer is trying its best to reduce prices and profits.

Another negative impact brought about by the fierce solar street light competition is that many small companies have begun to produce low-priced products, reduce product quality, and even sacrifice the interests and safety of customers in order to win market share, which ultimately leads to chaotic market competition. .

There has been a famous saying in China since ancient times: "Wool comes from sheep." Everyone knows the truth, but when you buy it yourself, you still think that if solar street lights are 10 yuan cheaper, then you can get 1,000 yuan if you buy 100. the discount of. , Through this calculation, the price will be cheaper, but the price of a small part of the commodity, this principle is eternal.

When encountering customers who don't know much about solar lights, we will advise them to consult multiple suppliers. If the price is too high to bear, you can choose a medium-priced manufacturer to consider. If the price is much lower than the market price, we think it should be considered carefully.

Nowadays, in the chaotic solar street light market, solar street light manufacturers should re-examine the market, find the correct positioning, and control quality. This is a long-term road for enterprise development. At the same time, if you have other questions, you can contact us at any time. Zhongshan Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd. has many years of outdoor lighting experience;

The factory covers an area of nearly 19,000 square meters. The one-stop manufacturing from accessories to finished products greatly reduces the cost of each production link, controls product quality and delivery timeliness from the source, and brings more tangible results to customers. Concessions and confidence;

Before packaging and shipping, each lamp has been thoroughly tested;

And the products have passed international CB certification, CE certification, CQC quality certification and other certifications, and have obtained a number of product patents! ! !

The company integrates research and development, design, production and sales, and always adheres to the principle of science and technology as the forerunner and quality and service as the survival principle. It has risen rapidly in the fierce market competition and has become a complete product, high quality, excellent service and extremely high reputation. Industry benchmarking enterprises, providing high-quality products and efficient services to customers at home and abroad;

Many well-known brands such as "Kehan" and "Moss" under the company have a good reputation in the industry and are favored by domestic and foreign merchants and consumers.

At the same time, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, South Asia, West Asia and other regions. At the same time, friends from all over the world are also welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business, and work together to create brilliant!

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