Solar street lamp project in China Mar 17, 2021

Project Name: Solar street lamp project of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Products used: solar street lamp (private model patent)

Project address: Waisha village, Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City

I still remember the days when I contacted Mr. Chen. The biggest impression Mr. Chen gave me was that he said that the solar street lights he made before lost a lot of money. I was shocked when I heard that. It is impossible to lose big money even without earning money. Mr. Chen said that he is mainly responsible for the procurement of solar street lights in Zhongshan, Guangdong. He used to purchase a batch of "high cost-effective" solar street lights in order to  get lower price, and he found the surface of the lamp body when he first installed it. There are already rust spots (our company's lamp body is made of high-quality engineering-grade outdoor aluminum, which will never rust). At that time, the problem was not very big. Anyway, the lamp is fine. But after less than a month of installation, the lights started to not light up one after another. The manufacturer changed it at the beginning, and then ignored it. In the end, the matter was not resolved. Later, he paid for a new batch of solar street lights, but now still think about it and regret it.

At this time, Mr. Chen has a new procurement plan for solar street lights. He said that this time I will look for a reliable and high-quality manufacturer. After we talked for a long time and worked out a satisfactory plan, Mr. Chen finally gave us this batch of solar street lights.

One year passed quickly, and I called for a return visit to ask Mr. Chen how he used it. Mr. Chen’s reply was: very satisfied, thank you, and then he said, do you know why I chose you? I said that because we are a source manufacturer with good quality and good reputation. Mr. Chen replied: Yes, after comparing other manufacturers, among similar products, I found that you are very satisfied with both the process design and management of the production process and the inspection steps of semi-finished products and finished products. Careful, scientific, and rigorous touched us. Therefore, I am willing to trust your products. The result proves that our choice is right!

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