Nigeria Solar Street Light Project Mar 17, 2021

I met Mr. Wu, who is doing road engineering in Kenya, at the Guzhen Lighting Fair. He was in charge of building roads at the time. Because the infrastructure in Nigeria was still in a relatively backward state, laying electric facilities cost a lot of manpower, material resources and money, so Mr. Wu decided to propose to the local Nigerian government engineers that solar street lights could be used as the backbone. Road lighting device. Because of the large number of projects and high maintenance costs, Mr. Wu wanted to find a professional and quality-assured supplier to take over the project, so he approached us. In the process of understanding our company, I also visited our factory directly. After visiting our power supply workshop, battery workshop, solar panel workshop, controller workshop, and laboratory, I am very satisfied with our company's quality control and independent research and development technology. , Is exactly the manufacturer he is looking for.

After visiting the factory, he directly recommended our company's customized solar lamp solution to the Nigerian local government. The Nigerian government is also very satisfied and agrees that our company becomes their reliable supplier. Because of the lack of local technicians, there are few technicians who will install solar street lights. Although the installation of our solar street lights is very simple, based on the progress of the project installation, our company directly provides strong technical support so that the installation process of the project can proceed smoothly.

When the completion of the project, Mr. Wu said, "He is really lucky". The first time he cooperates, he can find such a reliable manufacturer. After receiving Nigerian highway projects, he will continue to recommend them to use KOHAN solar street lights locally, and continue to support the recommendation department. The more solar products, because good products are worthy of being known and enjoyed.

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