• We are different--Solar lamp with design, Zhongshan Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd.  Latest Product News
    We are different--Solar lamp with design, Zhongshan Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd. Latest Product News Jun 30, 2021
    We are different--Solar lamp with design, Zhongshan Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd.  Latest Product News There are some new products/ developed by our company. It is our honor to introduce this new solar product to you. All in one solar street light and solar fan Products features: 1.Solar integrated street lamp 2.ABS Plastic material 3.Easy  installation 4.Lighting for more than 12 hours 5.Solar Battery charging, zero electricity charge 6.The LED, Long life, green and energy-saving Contact us for more product details
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  • Why are solar street lamps more and more widely used | kohan-solarlighting.com
    Why are solar street lamps more and more widely used | kohan-solarlighting.com Apr 22, 2021
    Streetlights help us illuminate the road of night, which is also an indispensable way of lighting in rural and urban areas. Especially in recent years, with the continuous development of society, the intensity of streetlights is increasing, and we can see them everywhere. But it is worth noting that the dim yellow street lamp in our memory has been replaced by the bright solar street lamp, so why do we replace the street lamp in a large area? What are the advantages of the new solar street lamp? With the continuous development of new energy, solar energy is considered to be the most potential new energy, because solar energy belongs to clean energy, it will not cause environmental pollution, and it belongs to unlimited energy, can be used for human permanent use, so human beings began to develop tools to use solar energy, in which solar street lights have been studied and widely used The application of. The biggest advantage of solar street lamp is that it does not need other power supply equipment. It can convert heat energy into electric energy for its own lighting, which can save a large part of power resources. In addition, the solar road belongs to high-tech products, which are more in line with the needs of modern people in the design, and its installation is more convenient, and the service life is also greatly improved. In this way, most of the maintenance costs are reduced, and the expenses of relevant departments are saved. It can be seen that the solar street lamp brings convenience to people's life, but also saves resources for the country. Therefore, the solar road is very important Lamps are used more and more widely.
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  • Why are solar street lights more and more popular?
    Why are solar street lights more and more popular? Mar 16, 2021
    Since the invention of solar street lights, solar street lights have been favored by more and more people. The number of solar street lights installed in urban and rural courtyards around the world is also increasing, and the demand is also growing. According to statistics, solar street lamps account for a high proportion of street lamp purchases. The reasons are as follows: 1. As the solar street light market matures, there are more and more suppliers of various accessories, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. The mutual market competition among solar street light manufacturers has led to lower and lower prices of solar street lights. 2. With the development of technology, the quality of solar street lights is stable and easy to operate, making solar street lights widely accepted. People's trust in solar street lights is getting higher and higher, and the advantages of solar street lights make people more willing to buy. 3. Strong adaptability, convenient installation and low installation cost. Compared with ordinary street lights, solar street lights have higher adaptability, can work independently of the power grid, and have low installation costs, especially in rural areas, desert areas, prairie and mountainous areas. In other places, solar street lights are the only option. 4. Low electricity cost. The electricity bill for ordinary street lights is generally between 1,000-4000 yuan per year. The main source of electricity bills for solar street lights is the replacement of solar lithium batteries, without electricity costs. 5. Solar street lights are green energy. Energy comes from stable solar energy, does not consume coal resources, is harmless to the environment, and is strongly supported by various national policies. Based on the above advantages, solar street lights have become one of the current mainstream road lighting products. At the same time, in recent years, the solar street lamp market has flourished and matured, with stable product quality. Then, the market share is getting bigger and bigger. However, the maturity of the market has also brought new problems. The market competition of solar street lights has become particularly fierce. Started a price war. There are more and more manufacturers of solar street lights, which has caused an oversupply situation in the market. In order to develop and meet market demand, each manufacturer is trying its best to reduce prices and profits. Another negative impact brought about by the fierce solar street light competition is that many small companies have begun to produce low-priced products, reduce product quality, and even sacrifice the interests and safety of customers in order to win market share, which ultimately leads to chaotic market competition. . There has been a famous saying in China since ancient times: "Wool comes from sheep." Everyone knows the truth, but when you buy it yourself, you still think that if solar street lights are 10 yuan cheaper, then you ca...
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  • What are solar street lights and what are their characteristics?
    What are solar street lights and what are their characteristics? Mar 16, 2021
    Solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity. As a green and environmentally friendly new energy source, solar energy is "inexhaustible and inexhaustible." Making full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to alleviating energy shortages.   The installation of solar street lights is simple and convenient. There is no need to do a lot of basic works such as laying cables like ordinary street lights. It only needs a base to fix, and all the wiring and control parts are placed in the light frame to form a whole. Let's follow the professional solar street light manufacturers to see what are the advantages of solar street lights.   One, energy saving and environmental protection The biggest advantage of solar street lights is to save energy, which is why the public are more willing to accept this new product. This product that can convert sunlight in nature into its own energy can indeed reduce a lot of electricity consumption. Now that the construction of the city has been developed, the investment in street lamps has also increased. The application of solar street lamps saves a considerable amount of electricity for the country every day. The inherent characteristics of solar lighting with no hidden dangers, energy saving, no consumption, green and environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control and maintenance-free, etc. will directly bring obvious advantages to the sales of real estate and the construction of municipal projects.   Second, safe and reliable The product is very safe to use. There have been many hidden dangers of urban street lights. Some are due to substandard construction quality, and some are due to aging materials or abnormal power supply. However, it must be admitted that the street lights supplied by electricity do It has a certain negative impact on people's lives. The solar street lamp is a product that does not need to use alternating current. It uses a lithium iron phosphate battery that can absorb solar energy and automatically convert it into the required electrical energy. It has a very high safety performance.   Three, installation and maintenance costs are low The operation and maintenance cost of solar street lights is low. Solar powered street lights use solar power. Except for a small part of the electricity cost when converted to city power on cloudy and rainy days, the operating cost is almost zero. The operation of the entire system is automatically controlled, without human intervention, and almost no maintenance cost. With the continuous expansion of urban construction, many remote areas also have street lighting equipment. In relatively small remote areas, if there are problems in power generation or transmission, the maintenance costs are very expensive, not to mention that they have only become popular in recent years. There are street lights, so we can often see that the street lights on the country roads are always on very sp...
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