Hand in hand, walk with you May 21, 2021

Zhongshan Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd. held an outdoor outreach activity

Every time we make concerted efforts to unite and cooperate, every time we enthusiastically embrace each other after success, and every time we honestly share the completed projects, we get closer and closer, and we have more understanding, more cordial and more friendship between us. The power of the individual is so small, and how powerful the power of the team. Therefore, the success of one person does not represent the success of the whole team. Only when each individual in the team is united with each other and helps each other can the team achieve its goal together

Through a series of team quality activities, enhance the mutual understanding between colleagues, enhance colleagues' sense of trust in the team and others, cultivate team spirit, as well as the way to release pressure, so as to make employees have a more positive attitude to face life and work.

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