Export Africa MD series solar street lamp - 6 meters solar street lamp project case May 12, 2021

Solar energy is by far the most popular new energy, with an inexhaustible, clean pollution-free advantages, MD series solar street lights have wide range of applications, it have avoid wiring, zero charge for the whole year electricity, easy installation advantage, The MD series solar street lamp produced by Zhongshan Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd. has exquisite and beautiful design, reliable quality and guaranteed, and has been exported abroad for many times.

In November 2019, an African customer named Sam contacted our company through the website and contacted our business colleagues by email. It is understood that Sam is a local project leader in Africa and needs 500 LED solar street lamps. He explained his needs and requirements to us and required us to provide the best solution. At last, we gave the plan of 6-meter 400W MD series project solar street lamp. After repeated confirmation and communication, Sam finally confirmed this order to us.

MD series solar street lamp product introduction:

1:solar street light panels: the efficiency of poly is as high as 20%, low light decay, life of more than 15 years, 2-5 years of warranty;

2: solar street light LEDS: the light LEDS adopts imported lamp bead chip, the lumens reaches at 120~ 130Lm /W, the high light efficiency lens, the whole lamp luminous efficiency reaches 90%, the light efficiency reaches more than 110Lm /W;

3:solar street light lifepo4 battery: maintenance-free, life up to 5-6 years, 2-3 years of warranty, and can be recycled;

4:solar street lamp controller: constant current control drive waterproof integrated machine, intelligent regulation of overcharge, over-discharge protection;

5:lamp pole: high quality steel, hot catalpa, spray paint, fashionable and simple design, reasonable layout, For different angles to adjust the solar support, lamp pole 10 years not easy to rust.

MD series solar street lamp product

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